C#.net error message



Jul 11 2011 12:39 PM

For a C#.net 2008 desktop application that I was just assigned to work on a new workstation, i am getting only the following compile messages:

Warning 1 Use command line option '/keyfile' or appropriate project settings instead of 'AssemblyKeyFile'
Error 20 The command "C:\trac\Enroll.app1\bin\Debug\\Enroll.app1.exe Debug" exited with code 1. Enroll.ALtot.

I know the two lines are related since I have not signed the total application. The file in the 'AssemblyKeyFile'  is no longer needed for this application since it is not used. Thus, can you tell me what I can do so the assembly key file is not used? If best, what can I do to get this application tio compile with no errors?

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