How to generate popup window and send the value in mvc

Aug 24 2017 5:22 AM
 In my requiremenet  I get some values from JsonResult and get that in script.Now I have to show those values in a popup window each with a radio button,when user selects a particular radio button the particular text will be selected to a textbox then I need to send it to database.
I took a div and i am enabling this and not able to show the values,Please help me on this
here is my code 
for (var len = 0; len < result.PartNo.length; len++) {
var markup = "<tr><td><input type='radio'></td><td>" + result.PartNo[len] + "</td></tr>";
$("tblPartNums tbody").append(markup);
height: 200,
width: 350,
modal: true,

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