jQuery ajax in MVC not load Image from other proyect.

Ignacio Gutierrez

Ignacio Gutierrez

Oct 4 2017 3:38 PM
Hi everyone, 
Have two proyect, let call them:

- Website (MVC)
- Admin (MVC)
Both project depends from one, for specific "Website" get image from "Admin".
ok, i will explain proccess by procces: 
1.- The project work perfectly in local machine.
2.- I deploy "Admin" on server. i launch "Website" to debug on Visual Studio on machine and work perfectly. I created image width "Admin" and "Website" receive and show the image perfectly.
In another explanation, "Website" get the url image from "Admin" perfectly.
 3.- When I upload website to server, they didn't work.
I just receive from console some error: "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)".

Both project are up on same server so the question is... why doesn't work?
Have to check my IIS 8 on Server? (checked)
Is about permission folder? (checked)

Any idea? 
Note: Have anothers projects with the same purpose but different tecnology, they work perfectly on local machine and server. 
Example, let's call:
- Website (Asp.net)
- Admin (MVC) 

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