TableAdapter config Use Optimistic Concurrency issue

Rajdeep Kaur

Rajdeep Kaur

Jan 13 2015 7:55 AM

In ASP.NET (framework 3.5) Visual studio 2010, I'm using the TableAdapter Configuration Wizard to create/configure a TableAdapter for a very simple SQL Table. I make sure the Advanced Option "Use Optimistic Concurrency" is checked. (The Generate Insert, Update, and Delete Statements box is checked too.) The wizard seems to complete just fine, but the generated statements don't look like they're taking advantage of optimistic concurrency.When I re-run the TableAdapter Configuration wizard to look at the "Use Optimistic Concurrency" checkbox, it is NOT checked, even though I definitely checked it the previous time I ran the wizard.
Any idea's why "Use Optimistic Concurrency" checkbox getting unchecked after configuration of TableAdapter?