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Give the Books as Monthly Prize instead of Electronic or other equipment

By Vithal Wadje Apr 08 2013
I know any type of prize is huge boost for any author but now a days i have seen that most of the prizes which are monthly announced includes lot of electronic or things,but i request dont give these type of prizes because suppose i have won pen drive then what can i do by taking pen drive because i have already lots of pen drives,anyone won antivirus but antivirus is already installed on his or her PC ,suppose some on won external hard drive then what is the use of his or her internal hard drive ,also similar about Bag, So my its personal request to authorities gives the books of authors such Vidya vrat Agrawal,Shivprasad Koirala,Mahesh Chand and so on , so we can increase our knowldge by reading books, I hope this my idea will be considerable

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