What is the difference between mysql and mysqli?

Bhushan Singh

Bhushan Singh

Jul 05, 2016

    Basically, MySQL is the old database driver, and MySQLi is the Improved driver. The "i" stands for "improved" so it is MySQL improved.MySQLi can be done procedural and object-oriented whereas MySQL can only be used procedurally. Mysqli also supports prepared statements which protect from SQL Injection.The main useful features are:an Object-oriented interface support for prepared statements support for multiple statements support for transactions enhanced debugging capabilities embedded server support. NOTE: MySQL was deprecated in PHP 5.5.0 and was removed in PHP 7.

    Satya Gupta
    March 23, 2017

    mysqli is database drive which is used for php languages and provides an interface for mysql, there are 3 main API option for connecting mysql database PHP's mysql extension, PHP's mysqli extension, PHP Data Objects(PDO). I in mysql are Improved mysql

    Shalu Shalini
    April 01, 2017