Shivprasad Koirala
.NET interview questions :- Can you explain architecture of your project ?
By Shivprasad Koirala in ASP.NET on Mar 07 2011
  • Md. Raskinur Rashid
    Jan, 2015 18

    I used N-tier architecture most of my projects.There are three layer in N-tier architecture:1) UI Layer 2) Business Logic Layer 3) Data Access LayerBeside this i use two "Helper" class : 1) Data provider 2) DB connectionThis architecture is enough to fulfil my current project demand

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  • <Marquee>Vsd</Marquee> <Marquee>Vsd</Marque
    Sep, 2016 10

    My current architecture is a simple 3 tier architecture with UI in ASP.NET, middle layer are simple .NET classes and DAL is using enterprise application blocks. The UI(view) is responsible to take user inputs , all my business validations are centrally located in middle layer and the data access layer is responsible to execute stored procedure and SQL queries to SQL Server. Strongly typed business objects are used to pass data from one layer to other layer. The database of the project is in a 3rd normal form." So first start Explanation with the overall architecture, talk about each layer, how data is passed between each layer and the database design structure.

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  • Prakash Kumar
    Oct, 2016 31

    I used 3-tier architecture most of my projects. 1. Presentation Layer 2. Business Logic Layer 3. Data Access Layer

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  • santosh kumar
    Nov, 2015 30

    1-UI- UI Is made in 2-Data Access- is made Application enterprise block -3-Business Logica layer-Used for creating class of business entity

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  • Sumit Joshi
    Aug, 2015 12

    The answer of this question is not common to all just describe the architecture of the latest project that you have done.

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