Rahul Chavan
Stored Procedure returns data from multiple tables. How to access it in your ASP.Net code?
By Rahul Chavan in ADO.NET on Apr 13 2016
  • Rahul Chavan
    Apr, 2016 13

    Use Dataset to get value from stored procedure Use below code to retrieve the data from each table Datatable A=ds.Tables[0] Datatable B=ds.Tables[1]

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  • Ashish Srivastava
    Dec, 2017 21

    Using Dataset

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  • Ashwani Bakshi
    Dec, 2017 2

    we can return dataset and can stored it in dataset and can fetch data from different table using DataSet ds= ds.Tables[0] ,ds.Tables[1]

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  • Awadhesh Jha
    Aug, 2017 11

    hi , Please look at below link this will help you https://chsakell.com/2013/06/22/ado-net-working-with-dataset-datatable-datacolumn-datarow-and-datarelations/

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