Swati Agarwal
What are ASHX files?
By Swati Agarwal in ASP.NET on Nov 21 2012
  • Ashu Bahl
    Nov, 2014 19

    Some ASP.NET files are dynamic. They are generated with C# code or disk resources. These files do not require web forms. Instead, an ASHX generic handler is ideal. It can return an image from a query string, write XML, or any other data.

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  • Anil Kumar
    Nov, 2012 23

    .ashx files are web-handler files in asp.net programming and define IHttpHandler interface. Whenever an .ashx file is requested, ProcessRequest() method is invoked automatically. ProcessRequest() is a method where we do make changes according to our requirement. Handlers are used in URL routing, Image handling, binary data handling etc. as it support backward compatibility.

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  • sajidlkhan lodi
    Feb, 2015 19

    .ashx are the resource files.

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  • N Vinodh
    Dec, 2014 20

    .ashx file means generic handler files.it use full for retriving images,documents.

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  • Awadhesh  Jha
    Dec, 2016 13

    ashx is handler file which can retrive data using webservices or json

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  • Ashish Srivastava
    Jul, 2016 8

    .ashx files: generic handler files

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  • Prakriti Goyal
    May, 2014 20

    Handler Files in ASP.NET

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