Sagar Pardeshi
What is Key changes in SP13 for BCS?
By Sagar Pardeshi in SharePoint on Jan 06 2014
  • Vipul Jain
    Dec, 2016 12

    1) Addition of OData BDC connections 2) Apps for SharePoint in BCS and BDC models can be packaged as apps for SharePoint. 3) External List has been enhanced which includes performance improvements, data source filtering & sorting, Exporting external lists to Excel. 4) BCS exposes REST APIs for web and mobile development.

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  • Sagar Pardeshi
    Jan, 2014 6

    OData Support as data source
    Eventing FrameWork for external notifications
    Provides also alert capability for external lists,
    BDC models scoped for app level, not to farm level
    External list enhancements
    Performance improvements, Data Source Filtering, Sorting, Export to Excel

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