Dinesh Beniwal
What is paging in context of Memory?
By Dinesh Beniwal in ASP.NET on Jul 04 2011
  • Ehtesham  Mehmood
    Feb, 2014 27

    Paging is a method of writing data to, and reading it from, secondary storage for use in primary storage, also known as main memory. Paging plays a role in memory management for a computer's OS (operating system).In a memory management system that takes advantage of paging, the OS reads data from secondary storage in blocks called pages, all of which have identical size. The physical region of memory containing a single page is called a frame. When paging is used, a frame does not have to comprise a single physically contiguous region in secondary storage. This approach offers an advantage over earlier memory management methods, because it facilitates more efficient and faster use of storage.#EM

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