Manoj Kumar
What is the two type of cat convention in c#?
By Manoj Kumar in C# on Jan 06 2017
  • Adi Srivastava
    Aug, 2017 1

    public abstract class Cat : PosCommonThis standard defines the application interface with the CAT control and does not depend on the CAT device hardware implementation. Therefore, the hardware implementation of a CAT device may be as follows: Separate type (POS interlock) The dedicated CAT device is externally connected to the POS (for example, through an RS-232 connection). Built-in type The hardware structure is the same as the separate type but is installed within the POS housing. The CAT device receives each authorization request that contains a purchase amount and tax from CAT control. The CAT device generally asks the user to swipe a magnetic card when the device receives an authorization request from CAT control. System.Object Microsoft.PointOfService.PosDevice Microsoft.PointOfService.PosCommon Microsoft.PointOfService.CatMicrosoft.PointOfService.BasicServiceObjects.CatBasic

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