Gaurav Gupta
Which one is used by a tester severity or priority?
By Gaurav Gupta in Software Testing on Jun 27 2012
  • Keerthi Venkatesan
    Jun, 2016 8


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  • vishwanath kumar
    Jul, 2015 2

    severity by tester priority by developerseverity defines how seriously the defect is impacting on other functionality functionality of the application, is giving by the testing team at the time of reporting defects.priority defines how soon the development team need to fix the defect

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  • Kalyankumar Ravichandran
    Jun, 2015 16


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  • Divya Saxena
    Aug, 2012 7

    Normaly Priority is decide by Tester & Severity decide by Developers / any Project Leading person.But if the tester have enough experience then he/she can also decide the Priority of the Bug.

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