Outlook Apps for iOS and Android Get Major Upgrade

Microsoft’s Outlook Apps for iOS and Android has got a major update.

Microsoft’s Outlook Apps for iOS and Android have got a major update. The company has announced that it has made several design changes in the apps so as to enhance the conversation experience for users.
Now, users will be able to switch between accounts more quickly along with having a more robust and user-friendly design experience while communicating and while browsing their folders. Additionally, the company has announced that it will soon be integrating intelligent search capabilities into the app, which will be powered by Microsoft Graph.
Let’s have a look on the major upgrades –
1. Conversations
Source: blogs.office.com
Now, you can stay on top of every discussion with you team, family friends, or colleagues. The new design of conversations displays information in better way, and you can see the whole on going conversation while typing your reply.
2. Easy switching between accounts
The company claims that it has worked a lot on the redesigning of the navigation feature so that users can quickly switch between their accounts and browse through folders.
Source: blogs.office.com
Here is a glimpse of what Microsoft says about this feature,
“The account and folder menu has been beautifully redesigned to give you super-fast access to all your accounts, as well as key folders such as Inbox, Drafts and Groups. Pro tip: Press and hold on an account avatar to pin the sidebar open!
Help and Settings buttons are easy to get to in the sidebar, making it even quicker to get in-app product support. While we hope you don’t ever need to contact our support team, we know we’re not perfect, and there are times you could use a helping hand. They’re always available and ready to help, all within the app!”
3. Intelligent Search (Coming soon)
Apart from the above, Microsoft has given an outlook of what is coming in the Outlook app — a more intelligent search, just a tap away. The Search section will be added front and center in the app’s simplified tab bar and the search range will include people and files with proactive and contextual suggestions (You start typing and it starts showing suggestions) so that users can reach the requisite information quickly and easily.
As per the company,
“The new intelligent search is powered by the Microsoft Graph and lights up immediately with the content from your top contacts, upcoming travel itineraries, package deliveries and recent attachments—with many more exciting things to come!
Finding what you need while on the go will be effortless.”
Source: blogs.office.com
The aforementioned features are available in Outlook app for iOS and Android now and company will roll out support for Office 365 accounts very soon. Also, the company has asked the users to send their feedback via UserVoice Site for Android and iOS.