Custom Workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010

In this article I am showing a demonstration of SharePoint custom Designer 2010 workflows

1. First of all open your SharePoint 2010 site in SharePoint 2010 Designer

2. Go to file point to Add Item


3. Now create a new workflow. We can choose from one of the following workflow types:

  • List Workflow - this type of workflow can be attached only to SharePoint lists or libraries. This kind of workflow can be useful if your requirements are specific to list or document library
  • Reusable Workflow: It is more complex than List work flow it can be attached to a content type. Later this content type can be used with a list. One more advantage of this type of work flow is you can imported to Visual Studio and we can write code to enhance this type of workflow
  • Site Workflow - this type of workflow operates on site level.
  • Import Visio Workflow-Another flexibility that SharePoint Designer 2010 giving is the flexibility to import Visio workflow.

4. I have selected List Work flow

5. Give the name and select the list for the work flow to be attached


6. From the below screen you have to choose the Action

7. I have chosen Create List Item


8. Here my objective is whenever an item added to Announcement an event should be added to Calendar

9. So I have selected my Calendar list as shown below


10. I have set the Calendar title with Announcement Title


11. I have set the Calendar Start Date with Announcement Created Date


12. I have set the Calendar End Date with Announcement Expires Date


13. Once done you will get the screen like below


14. Save your Changes


15. If you want to change the work flow settings do as shown below


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