Fusion Chart in SharePoint using SharePoint Designer

In this article I am showing how to make a very nice Dashboard using Fusion chart. First of all let me thank Fusion chart for the wonderful implementation of charts in Flash. It's really nice and cool. You can see an online demo of Fusion chart.

Here I am showing a Funnel chart for the task list status.

1. You can down load the free version of fusion chart from the following URL.

2. http://www.fusioncharts.com/free/download/?gMenuItemId=5

3. First you have to upload these Flash files to the image folder of your web application

4. For that you have to open your web application in designer then find the folder named Images. Just copy and paste the Flash files to there.


5. Now you can see the fusion chart added to your image folder. I have pasted FCF_Funnel.swf. There are other charts also free. You can choose any.


6. You have to create a default task list also. I have a task list as shown below and have a column of choice named Status. It has the values:

  • NotStarted
  • InProgress
  • Completed


Now you have to create a data view web part for the task list with status column as the field.

8. You can refer to my article "Working with Dataview Webpart" for more details.

9. I have added one Dataview web part with status as the field.


Right click on the Dataview web part and select Web part Properties.


11. Click on the XSL Editor marked in red and paste the code there (I have attached the code in the article itself).


12. Click Save.

13. Save the changes in the file and check in.

14. Now add some value in the task list.

15. Then go to your page where you added data view web part; you will see the Fusion chart working there.

16. Note: Please change the with your list column fields (In My case it is NotStarted, InProgress, Completed) Change the type of chart you selected in my case it is FCF_Funnel.swf.

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