New Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

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Windows 10 has come with some great new features. For example we have a new browsing experience with the new browser Spartan. Cortana Assistant provides assistance with quick file access from Windows and web assistance as well. It would be justified in saying that in Windows 10 the Command Prompt has new life in which we can apply keyboard shortcuts or it is more appropraite to say that the Command Prompt has entered into the 21st century.

So the point is that there are many new goodies for the keyboard shortcut user to use in Windows 10 from the Command Prompt and Windows management with snap and Task View to virtual desktops.

We can use these features of Windows 10 Technical Preview more efficiently to ensure that we must have good hands over the keyboards. In oher words, we must know the shortcuts to do our work even more efficiently.

Startup Menu

Press the Windows Key
and start "Windowing".

Command Prompt

As was said about the incarnation of the Command Prompt, we can enable keyboard shortcuts. When I install Windows 10, the keyboard shortcuts was enabled by default. If not, we can enable control key shortcuts in Windows 10 .

Let's play with shortcuts in the Command Prompt. The following are the new shortcuts.

  • Cntrl + A

    All text of the current line will be selected, if we are applying this shortcut in an empty line it will select all the texts on the Command Prompt.


  • Cntrl + C

    As we know, this shortkut will copy the selected text.

  • Cntrl + V

    Paste the copied text at the cursor.

  • Cntrl + F

    We can also apply Cntrl + F to open a find dialog in the Command Prompt's output screen.

  • Cntrl +Shift + Left/Right

We can move the cursor one word to the left/right by selecting that word.

The following are some of the other shortcuts we can play with are

  • Shift + Home/End

  • Shift + Left/Right/Up/Down

  • Shift + PageUp/Page Down

  • Cntrl + Page Up/ Page Down

  • Alt + F4

Windows Snapping

  • Windows Key + Left

  • Windows Key + Right

  • Windows Key + Up

  • Windows Key + Down

The first two shortcuts are quite familiar to us, but how these two are quite new is, they work with the 2 x 2 snapping feature.

We can snap windows to the top-left quadrant of the screen by combining the preceding shortcuts.

Windows Key + Left
and then Windows Key Up will snap to the corner.

Similarly we can snap the current window to top right, bottom left and bottom left of the screen using:

  • Windows Key + Right and then Windows Key Up

  • Windows Key + left and then Windows Key Down

  • Windows Key + Right and then Windows Key Down

Task View/Windows Management Keyboard Shortcuts

To get a summary of tasks or to view which tasks are currently running, we might use the traditional way of opening the Task Manager using the mouse.

In Windows 10 however, we can do that using keyboard shortcuts as well.

  • Windows Key + Tab + Release the keys

    It quickly shows us the new Task View interface, listing the tasks of the current virtual desktop. You can switch between task lists using Alt + Tab, that is familiar to us from the previous Windows.

Virtual Desktops

We can manage Virtual desktops with keyboard shortcuts.

  • Windows Key + Contrl + D

    Will create a new virtual desktop and switch over to it.

  • Windows Key + Cntrl + F4

    This shortcut will close the current virtual desktop.

  • Windows Key + Cntrl + Left/Right

    It will switch to the virtual desktop that may be on the left/right.


So is that too much fun? Isn't it? Well at least I am enjoying it very much, while playing with these new shortcuts and experiences, especially in the Command Prompt section and I am very sure that all of you will also enjoy them.

Since Windows 10 is still developing, Windows welcomes our feedback to make Windows even better by giving feedback as questions or suggestions to the Microsoft using the Windows Feedback App. To use Windows Feedback we must be registered with the Windows Insider Preview Program.

Thanking you for reading this article.

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