Introduction to Keyboard Shortcuts in JIRA Tool in Testing

Keyboard Shortcuts provide the user an easy and quick way to access the JIRA and perform basic actions on issues using the Keyboard.


Form Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available for JIRAforms. It also includes those which are involved in editing an issue's fields, such as JIRA login forms and the Edit Issue or create Issue forms.


Modifier Keywords

If some keyboard shortcut requires modifier keys, more than one key of these modifier keys (for example, "Ctrl", "Alt" or "Shift") must be pressed simultaneously, along with the desired single "action" key.

Various Modifier keys are used depending on your combination of operating system and web browser. For example, while running Firefox on Mac OS X, you have to to press "Ctrl" +"S" to submit a form, while on Windows, you have to press "Alt" + "S". The following table recognizes the modifier keys for the various combinations of supported operating systems and web browsers.


Accessing the Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog Box

The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box displays an overview of JIRA actions which are available as Keyboard Shortcuts and the combination of keystrokes which are required to perform those shortcuts.

You can quickly open the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box by clicking on your username's dropdown and selecting "Keyboard Shortcuts" from the list, or by pressing "?" ("Shift + /") from your keyboard.


Re-enabling and Disabling Keyboard Shortcuts

By default, Keyboard Shortcuts are enabled. However, you can disable them using the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box.

How to re-enable or disable Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to JIRA and open the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box.
  2. At the bottom of the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box, click on  "Disable Keyboard Shortcuts"/"Enable Keyboard Shortcuts" to disable or re-enable Keyboard Shortcuts respectively.



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