What Is New In Azure Portal Updates

In this article I am talking about this video, in which Leon Welicki and Scott Hanselman introduce us to updates from Azure Portal. 

In this section, they show how we can preview new portal features, including new usability features, keyboard shortcuts, improve filtering, bulk actions, accessibility, portal-wide search, dashboard customization, minimize command to all blades, Browser Improvements, only vertical scroll in maximized blades, simpler default start board, disable animations, more resources implementing the Essentials pattern, Audit logs, Marketplace improvements, and more.

All you need to open is https://preview.portal.azure.com ; this is the new preview of Azure portal.

Now let’s discuss some features in brief,

Availability of Search

It's the same as Visual Studio as far as search tools, options and so on. In previous portals, we would wait for a full data load and then access what we wanted to access. Now this search option will be helpful for not loading full data at once and  we can search for what we want and then easily access it.

  • Speed and scalability are improved also.
  • The keyboard shortcut 

    • Actions

      • CTRL+/ Search blade menu items
      • ALT+SHIFT+Up Move favorites up
      • ALT+SHIFT+Down Move favorites down
      • G+/ Search resources (global)
      • G+N Create a new resource
      • G+B Open the 'More services' pane

    • Navigation

      • G+, Move focus to command bar
      • G+. Toggle focus between top bar and side bar

    • Go to

      • G+D Go to dashboard
      • G+A Go to all resources
      • G+R Go to resource groups
      • G+number Open the item pinned to the favorites bar at this position

  • If you click on search box you will display the list of some recently used resources.
  • Subscriptions are selected one by one, so if we type only 3-4 subscriptions it will automatically detect those kinds of subscriptions And if you click on one of them then you will switch to it directly. 
    Azure Portal Updates

Using Filters

In the All resources screen, we will filter out many sections

These filters are: filter by Name, by Location, By group, by type, by subscriptions.

Azure Portal Updates

You can Select Multiple resources at a time and delete all at a time.

Azure Portal Updates

In the same way you can also select multiple Virtual machines and stop all of them at once. 

Custom Templates

We can also search templates and create our own custom template by filtering which type we use and edit. In the Search Box, type Custom Template and then click on Deploy a custom template.

Azure Portal Updates

If we Click Edit Template then we can also customize

Azure Portal Updates

We can also add resources here if we click add new resource. So, we can move manually or programmatically to change their variables' parameter name. When we click save it will open a new tab. This tab automatically gets resource name and subscription name. In every resource and resource group of Azure we can see the automation script option on the left side. In this we will get every resource in this folder. Not only resource but also parameter, CLI, CLI2.0, PowerShell, NET, RUBY. In this way people, people can build their own Azure UI.

Multiple Dashboards

When you navigate to a resource, you see a list of settings and properties on the LEFT side of the screen, and the RIGHT side of the screen simply updates with the new content – this is a good change, because previously, every time you changed context, the screen would redraw. For example, clicking on Overview from the current view would scroll to the left, and then to the right as the screen moves. This wasn’t particularly reliable either. The new method is much easier to manage.

We can see multiple dashboards and their performance at once.

  • Browse tile is the most clicked tile, so we put it in a prime location
  • Many of you told us that default size of the map was too big and takes too much space, so we made it smaller. You can still make it bigger again by right clicking on the map and selecting “Customize”
  • Billing tile was moved to a more central location
  • As you know, the start board is a space that is intended to be yours. You can customize it (move, resize, remove, or add new parts) to bring the resources and information that you care about front and center!
Improved Browser Interactions

This feature can now navigate back to the startboard with a back button click in your browser, and a forward click takes you to previous active journal. This is all done by adding partial information into your browser URL which basically refers to the set of blades in your active navigation path.

Do not forget to share your comments and feedback, you can also reach me at Twitter. Happy Azuring.

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