ACID Properties of SQL Server

Many a times, in an interview, one common question is asked i.e "What are the ACID properties of the SQL server?", so let us see, as per an interview perspective, what they are :
A - stand for Automicity
C - stands for Consistency 
I - stands for Isolation
D - stands for Durability
  • Automcity

All the operations in the transaction must be complete, successfully and be committed, if any one of the operation fails then all the trasactions must be rolled back in their previous state.

  •  Consistency

The transaction must be consistent in a state, this means that the transaction must correctly change the state of the system for a particular operation.

  •  Isolation

It means that one operation within the transaction cannot see the result of another operation within the transaction .

  •  Durability

It means that anything committed to the managed resources must survive or failure and it can not be done the damages to the resources in case of operation fails.

I hope this small blog is useful for the interview perspective and for more details please refer to MSDN. If you have any suggestion regarding this blog then please contact me.