Adding New User Role In Active Directory Group

Today, we are writing about the task, mentioned below. I have created a new site collection and synchronized the user from our active directory and we want to make a user a Project Manager for site collection.

To add a user as Project Manager, we need to add the users under the Manage Groups from PWA settings.

This group is synchronized with an Active Directory Group. If you want to add or remove the specific users, turn off this synchronization.

The step by step solutions are mentioned below.

  • Login to site with an admin account and click on setting from right side of site page.

  • Now, click on a Group of Project managers  from Manage Groups wizard page.

  • Now, we will see on this page; the error message is showing in the Users box. Here, we need to see that the group will be added to sync from the option, mentioned below.

Active Directory Group

Choose Active Directory Group, which will synchronize with the current group.

  • Once Groups are removed from the Active Directory Group, we will see the users will be activated to add in the respective Groups.

  • Now, add the users to the groups and save the same. We can verify the users are added and can access the site with the respective roles.
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