Resolve Problem "Installed app for SharePoint: The local SharePoint server is not available"

When you deploy app via Visual Studio first time,you may have an error like this:

"Error occurred in deployment step "Installed app for SharePoint": The local SharePoint server is not available. Check that the server is running and connected to the SharePoint Farm"
This is because the user who deploys app to SharePoint,should also have permission in some specific SQL Databases.

Here are some databases that require permission.This is what many SharePoint developer suggests:
  • SharePoint_Config.
  • SharePoint_Admin_ [GUID].
  • Your current web application that needs to host the app.
  • Appmanagement_Service_DB (AppMng_Service_DB in my instance).
  • SubscriptionSettings_Service_DB (AppServiceDB in my instance).
But in any case I failed to deploy app,so I also had to add "Secure Store..." and "WSS_Logging" databases.

After that, boom! The App started deployment via Visual Studio.

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