Successfirmations: Think Reveal Receive Master your Future Picture using the Four Words Framwork

The Four Words Framework to Create Unstoppable Power, Influence and Success…

Create Unstoppable Power, Influence and Success: Have you ever stopped to wonder what life would be like if President John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, and Dr. Martin Luther King didn't support and fight for the fair and equal rights for ALL people? What about Thomas Edison and the light bulb, the Wright Brothers' First in Flight of an airplane or Henry Ford and the automobile?

A computing trailblazer, Grace Hopper invented one of the first easy-to-use computer languages, which was a big advance in the field of computer programming. Sandra Day O'Connor, as the first woman appointed to the position of U.S. Supreme Court justice, she carved a place for women at all levels of the legal profession. Helen Keller was deaf and blind before the age of two. Yet, she accomplished great works that have benefited others tremendously and still impacts people's lives today. And finally, perhaps no American has been written about more than Abraham Lincoln. His rise from obscurity to become one of the great leaders in history is a unique story, and one that continues to fascinate.

Imagine, what if these great achievers had not dreamed their dreams? Did they possess a secret formula for success or were they just that much smarter than every one else? Clearly, life did not offer an easy street for any of those mentioned here. Maybe, they and other of our modern day heroes are just born with certain gifts and abilities that you and I are not. I might be at the beginning of getting myself in trouble by thinking that these extraordinary people necessarily did not have extraordinary talent. Maybe, they simply had an extraordinary belief in themselves. Or, maybe, just maybe they knew the four words that create power to guarantee success. And, they used those words to accomplish what they did. Ponderous isn't it?

It is my belief that all of these people did know those four words. I believe they used those words each and every day of their lives, and by doing so they became great achievers in our society. Those words were so much a part of their lives that they didn't even have to think about using them. It was a subconscious and a natural act for them. Perhaps in the beginning these specific people didn't know to use the magical words, but soon realized their power and began to use them habitually. Ultimately, those words were integrated into their thinking, their purpose for living, their speech and in turn, permeated throughout all that they were striving to achieve.

Are you wondering what those four words are? Do you really want to know?

Okay, but before I tell you ask yourself this question. If I had the four words that would give me unstoppable success and influence to guarantee a healthier and happier way of living, would I use them? With success and influence come power and an uncanny approach to being held to a higher level of accountability and responsibility. When you have it or achieve it for your own use, you have an advantage so you must be deliberate in its use.

Think about where you would use this power to succeed and be more of accomplished. Would it be used to benefit only you? Would it be used to help others? What about finding a voice; would it be used to help find your voice? And, what about others, would you use it to help others to be more successful in their lives? Would you help others to understand their own unique contribution to ALL of humanities ills; to identify their passion to succeed in finding their own voice? Maybe you have another priority but, allow me to be certain with you in my following statement to you: The power of those four words is, and can be, the beginning of a truly promising transformation to anyone's life! They offer a significant potential to change your life. They will change how you see things. You will look at challenges and problems differently and will find yourself no longer being afraid. You will notice the miracle of positive coincidence. What are these words?

Well, allow me to finally tell you. The four words that will develop unstoppable success and influence to create power and guarantee a more successful Future Picture are: “What – Must – I – Do” Wow, that's all there is? Yep, these are the four words used to create unstoppable power; for any given challenge, problem or situation you have choices and these words are the doorway to realizing the positive and influential outcomes from those choices. You can either ask “why does this always happen to me,” or you could say, “Why does this have to happen now,” or you could say, “when will somebody (else) do something about this,” or you could say this:

“What – Must – I – Do that will turn this situation around?”
“What – Must – I – Do that will stop this from happening – again?”
“What – Must – I – Do to take action right now?”
“What – Must – I – Do to get me one step closer to my goal?”

A variation of those four words and ones that are equally as powerful are: “How – Can – I…? If you put your head to the task to complete the phrase, you'll begin to see what I mean. For example, “How – Can – I take action now that will change the status quo?” “How can I…do things differently and get a better result?” “How can I…change my behavior?” Understanding that more is required, this phrase continues the work within the process for overcoming life's challenges. The “How can I… variation also work to introduce the four victory questions in life to most people: Why Am I Hurting? What is it about “me” that influences the hurt? How do I prevent re-injury – although I know that it will be revisited? And, how do I change my circumstances, current and future? Combined as a framework for a healthy transformation, those four words, their variations and the four victory questions in life all work to create “value, size and opportunity!”

Especially now that the economy continues to rebound, smart people have learned to shift their focus to develop ways of eliminating the behaviors and actions that halts progress. These timely four words, their variations and the four victory questions explore new ways to capture emerging opportunities through personal and professional restructuring or retooling. Anyone who decides to use them will realize a rebirthing process with a portfolio of proven leadership and management strategies for driving a greater performance in life that sustains high growth potential, while experiencing uncontested competition.

The framework improves critical thinking, decision-making skills, emotional intelligence, strategic agility, motivation, meaning and purpose. Just about anyone can get results for a short period of time, but it takes a dedicated person who knows how to effectively manage what they've learned to realize through outcome-based evidence to unleash their full potential to succeed.

Do you see how different the combining of those four words, their variations and the four victory questions in life offer a different way of living? Nobody has the ability to effect more change over your life than you, so why would any of us ever seek to ask; “when are they going to…” or, “when will he/she…,” or “why can't someone else…” or, “why can't this situation be different?” A question with no actionable answer offers an ugly and unforgiving cyclical approach that ultimately leads to failure. The answers will never really solve a problem or give cause for a true call to action. Alternatively, the “what can I do” questions have just the opposite affect and will give rise to action.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts, your words and dreams: “You are what you are by the way you think, speak and act.” The quality of the questions you ask will determine the quality of those thoughts and the quality of life that we all will live. Whatever the challenge or problem that you must face in life, now or in the future, has an answer and you must be able to get closer to that answer just by asking a better set of questions. An answer may not be evident immediately, but one will come. In fact, you already have the answer; you simply need to awaken it with one of those powerful take action questions from within the framework offered earlier. You can start asking better questions today and witness better results as they unfold. Alternatively, you can ask the victim questions; “why this or why that,” and run the risk of never releasing yourself from the hamster wheel of frustration.

Today, I challenge you to begin the practice of asking really good questions. I challenge you to unleash the power of your own words, thoughts and dreams. And, I challenge you to adopt a better framework for thinking, speaking and acting life – and, not just living life – each and every day. I challenge you to get away from your emotional state of being to try a much different approach. Feel free to email me with your results:

It's all about understanding the theoretical underpinning that lies within the framework that develops a positive mental attitude: the ability to learn to look for more and to achieve greater outcomes in life; getting in touch with the instruction in life that offers tough love to indentify what your individual drive to succeed is and how it is fueled (internal passion) – and, to engage in a deep conversation, while standing in front of, and starring into “Snow White's Mirror” to ask: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?”   

Simply put, the framework requires a close intimate session with the person starring back at you while standing in the mirror due to the internal demons that will be exposed if and when the conversation is honest. This conversation will help to shed away years of pains. Over the years, I had to learn that some of the most successful people in life needed to humble themselves for the critical importance of identifying the specific grade of fuel needed in their tanks as a stimulant to successfully engage one of the most furious emotions of all human emotions; “Revenge”… Revenge against Failure to succeed – and, it requires an assessment and greater understanding of both values and behaviors to understand what adjustments are required and what actions need fixing.

I'll tell you that in finding the adjustments and needed actions for immediate action, those four words, their variations and the four victory questions in life must be put to use in order to create unstoppable power, influence and success to achieve more value, size and opportunity. In closing, I'll leave you with this: “First learn to lead yourself and then lead others to find their voice…educate leaders who make a difference in the world by becoming one first.”

For more information on how-to “Think, Reveal, and Receive” a positive mental attitude that overcomes the traps to success and win your battles in life, visit Skipper online at Copyright: DamianPitts, Inc 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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