Frequently Asked Questions


1) How to register into C# Corner Chapters?
To become a C# Corner chapter member you have to register yourself on C# Corner. 
First, open then at the top right click Sign up, and register yourself at C# Corner.
Then Click Chapters button on the menu bar and join a chapter of your choice.

2) How do I come to know about the upcoming events of C# Corner Chapters?
To be updated on C# Corner Chapter events, click the Chapters on the menu bar in the home page.

3) Where can I find the recap of the Chapters?
After opening the chapter page on C# Corner, Click on Articles on the right hand side to read the entire chapter event's recap.

4) How to create an album in C# Corner Chapters?
Go to the chapter page, select a chapter by clicking on the Chapters button in the menu bar and then click album to create a new album. 

5) Is registration free for the Chapters and the Events?
All the C# Corner Chapters are absolutely free of cost and no charges are taken from the attendees.

7) How to become a Speaker in C# Corner Chapters?
Start contributing in the C# Corner via posting articles, blogs etc.. The management will give you the opportunity sooner they find your contributions good and consistent. 

8) How to become a C# Corner Chapter Lead? OR  How to become a Leader in the C# Corner Chapters?
Contact the Chapter Management Team at [email protected] to become a C# Corner Chapter Lead  or become a Leader in the C# Corner Chapters.

9) How to start a new C# Corner Chapter?
Contact C# Corner Chapter Management Team at [email protected] for the same.

10) Whom to contact for queries regarding C# Corner Chapters?
Your queries will be addressed by the C# Corner Chapter Management Team at [email protected].

11) Am I eligible to attend the C# Corner Chapters?
Its a free online community of developes and programmers. And all are invited.