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App in A Day : Microsoft Business Applications Live Show – Ep. 10

Deepak Tewatia Chennai Chapter

Join this live session with Mahender Pal and Venkata Subbarao for the next episode of Microsoft Business Application on July 28, Friday at 10:00 PM (IST). The main objective is to create an app that showcases the capabilities and features of these technologies. By leveraging Canvas Apps, we can design a user-friendly and visually appealing interface that allows users to interact with the app seamlessly. Furthermore, we will integrate Power Automate to automate various processes within the app. This will enhance its functionality and make it more efficient for users. By creating automated workflows, we can streamline tasks and reduce manual effort. In addition, we plan to incorporate Power Virtual Agents into the app. This will enable us to build a chatbot interface that can interact with users, answer their queries, and provide relevant information. The integration of Power Virtual Agents will add a personalized touch to the app and enhance the user experience. C# Corner - Community of Software and Data Developers #CSharpCorner??????? #Live #CSharpTV

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