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How to use ChatGPT in 90 mins, and be productive.

Rinky Jain New York Chapter

Using ChatGPT is quite straightforward. You can interact with me (ChatGPT) in several ways:

  1. Text Interaction: You can type your questions, prompts, or messages directly into the interface where you're communicating with me, whether it's through a website, app, or any platform that integrates with me.

  2. API Integration: If you're a developer or building an application, you can integrate with the OpenAI API to access the capabilities of ChatGPT programmatically. You can send HTTP requests to the API endpoint, and you'll receive responses containing text generated by ChatGPT.

On April 10, Join the Noida Chapter Meet to explore the Evolution of the Web.

It's a FREE event.


  • Evolution Of Web 
  • Introduction to Web3.0
  • Key Technologies of Web3.0
  • Potential Impact of Web3.0
  • Use cases of Web 3.0
  • What is Blockchain?
  • Three key components of Blockchain
  • Application Of Blockchain

For any queries regarding registration, please feel free to reach out at +91- 8882003939.

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