calling web service from java script problem with htc file

SivaRamaKrishna Raju

SivaRamaKrishna Raju

Nov 8 2010 9:44 AM


In my application i am using web services to get the data and the webservice is consuming through java script, for this searched on the google and found an solution as using an .htc file, we are able to make calling the webservice and passing the arguments to it and we are getting the actual data from the webservice in IE6.0 only but it is not working any other browsers and the application target is mobiles and that mobile browser also not responding this js, and let may i know the reason why this is .htc file is not working in all browsers and if you have any solution to this please post here

We are urgently required this, and we have to develop this app using html5 for this where should we write the server side code? this also another issue in my application if any body knows solution for the above issues, please post here.

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