Doubt in internationalization of web application

dodla narayana

dodla narayana

Feb 21 2012 6:00 AM
i have a web application,in that i developed it to support multiple languages using resource files.so i just did all the UI part using resource files.now the application is running in different languages(hindi,telugu especially.) and showing the UI part in hindi and english correctly.but when i tried to show the alert messgaes(data saved successfully,etc) using "messagebox.show()" method it is showing the alert message in window with some boxes.but i want it in hindi and telugu langugaes exactly.how to do it.please help me.it's urgent requirement.send me reply fast

thanks in advance sir.

thank u for ur immediate reply.but iam developing webapplication.in that iam implementing internationalization.but iam using c#.net for coding and asp.net2.0 for design and sqlserver 2005 as backend.Here i have to display the alert messages like "Datasaved successfully" in  saparate alert box with specific culture.if my application culture is telugu, this "data saved successfully" message should display in telugu.that is what my doubt acctually sir.please send me the reply as soon as possible.it's urgent.

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