How to edit content of sharepoint in visual studio 2010

sivapratap Kurapati

sivapratap Kurapati

Apr 8 2015 9:03 AM
Hi Guys,
i have to make changes on the Sharepoint2010 UI. suppose say, my site name is http://demosite/sites/pages/default.aspx. on this perticular site i have a series of tabs. on click of particular tab, it opens two sections on the same page i.e default.aspx. i have to add one more section appending with the existing sections. 
i don't have complete knowledge on sharepoint. when i searched on net people have advised to open .wsp through sharepoint solution package. when i searched on iis there is no wsp for this application, please advise me on how to edit this particular section. also in the solution , i didn't any wsp
i believe this is definitely a web part deployed in sharepoint.  

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