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Neeraja Sathyadas

Neeraja Sathyadas

Feb 18 2015 9:46 AM
I have a big problem and a big doubt. Hope you can help me. My software is an OP ticket printing, saving and report giving software for a hospital. In that, while we taking reports it must show the total new OP, total old OP and all. 

There is a visit again button, which will be used when an old OP comes, we press the visit again button and the no. of visits will be increased by 1. and the last visit date of that person will be updated to the present date. 

The problem is when we take the daily report It shows all correct, Total old OP count, Total new OP count, All OK, But when we take a monthly report the numbers are not correct. It is because we are counting the Old OP by taking last visit date and no. of visit > 1, so, if the person visited more than 2 times, it is not counting, it counts only the last time as old op.

How can I solve this?? I think I must add an another column in the table for saving  all visited days of a person. Is that possible? How can I do that?? plz help.. Plz.. :( I am attaching the query with table creation and a stored procedure and parts of the .net code.. plz give me a detailed instruction.. I am new to all these. Plz help..

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