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Oracle for Entity Framework 6.0

Dec 27 2016 3:02 AM
Hi All,
Currenly I am facing one issue in ADO.Net entity Data model creation.
I am working asp mvc with entity framework 6.
Database : Oracle 11g
Installed Oracle developer tool : ODTforVS2013_121025.exe from oracle site.
I have create simple student table in oracle.
Before installing oracle developer tool , In connection window , I cannot able to select the oracle database.
 After installing the oracle developer tool , I can able to select the oracle database while adding ado.net entity data model.Kindly find the below screen shot
 I can select my data source after select the oracle DB
ONce the connection has succeeded , I can see the connection string and I can able to enter the my entity name
Once I click the next button I am getting this error 
I refered some sites regarding this issue , They requested me to install 12c Official oracle ODT .net managed driver and 12c Official oracle ODT .net managed driver entity framework from nuget package manager.
After  I have installed both mentioned .DLL , I am getting new error, while opening the ado.net entity model,I can able to select the general database and then If I click the nect button automattically the window is closed.
Kindly any one help me to reslove this issue,
I am using VS 2013,Oracle 11g,Entity Framework 6.0

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