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2 requet with one Button

Jun 27 2015 8:33 AM
Hello ,
I just devlopper a quiz type application online with C # and entity framework
I have a form that contains two fields (question and Reponse)
the question can have one or more response and checkbox type fields to check if the answer true or false.
now I want to make my request with entity framework to record the questions in the question table
and answers in a table and answer the Recuper The ID_question to be a foreign key in the answer table
questions: how do I do to make the same record the question in the question and the answers table and id_question in the response tables ???

poure record in the table question is made
just how I change my Requet to retrieve the id_question and back it up with the answers in Table answer
Attention !! with a single button send two Requets
Requet here is my question in my controller
 Thanks in advance

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