switching from .net developing to pure sql developing

Jul 15 2013 3:43 AM

               As C# developer for web aplications we follow simple web forms model. Never used interface. The only place we used inheritance is in creating an abstract accessor class. I was a coding machine writing data access code over and over again in both C# and SQL. I'm working on to get out from such monkey's job and try to do better programming

     I got offer as SQL developer job with 30% hike which is pure SQL developing. In that company they are using their own tool for generating UI(front end). So no chance to work on any programming language other than SQL.

Basically I am curious to learn and explore things. In 2 or 3 years I want to switch back to .net programming,but there is no possibility for that in the offering company. 

I am afraid that if I take this offer for pay hike, Could I found programming job(C# , java or any .net/jvm platform programming) in future by learning and updating knowledge on any c# or java programming?

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