Praveen Moosad
What is the difference between Bug, Error and Defect?
By Praveen Moosad in Software Testing on Apr 02 2008
  • Noor Mohamed
    Jun, 2015 8

    BUG : It occurs on development side (when Compile time or Runtime )ERROR : The Test Engineer check the application and if he find the conflict, it is known as Error.DEFECT : It founds on UAT side..

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  • Swati Tiwari
    Feb, 2009 27

    Bug is the problem found at the developers site.

    When the developer doesnot correct/found it and reached to the tester and tester reports it it becomes error.

    And if it has reached to the customer and customer find it , then it becomes defect.

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  • Praveen Moosad
    Apr, 2008 2

    Error : It is the Deviation from actual and the expected value.

    Bug : It is found in the development environment before the product is shipped to the respective customer.

    Defect :
    It is found in the product itself after it is shipped to the respective customer.

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