C# Corner Annual Conference 2015

So to be honest I am starting my first blog at C# corner and let see how long I can manage things but this is just starting so let’s go by point to point notes that I learnt from C# corner annual conference 2015 from 3-5 April 2015 at New Delhi.
  1. Respect Developer.
  2. When writing blog make sure other people are with you keep short content.
  3. Start companies need 24*7 attention if you cannot do that than close your start and look for a job.
  4. Discover Best in yourself
  5. Convince yourself before you start any thing
  6. This is now things work Dream-> Work -> Realise-> Dream 
  7. Start loving yourself.
  8. Be happy.
  9. Make sure you are one of the best creation of god.
  10. You are the balancing factor of this universe.
  11. You should read books “Theory of everything”
  12. Stop complaining in other word never complain and never explain.
  13. Always deserve you deserve happiness.
  14. When you are working on any product make sure it should be out in three months even if it’s alpha version.
  15. Your website or solution should have interaction with customer example OLA
  16. Make sure your idea means nothing most of the time three people having same idea.
  17. Get it done and try to make it perfect.
  18. For every product you are launching you need fund for marketing make sure of that.
  19. Keep your product updated regularly 
  20. Be true at social media never fake 
  21. Be true with yourself , meet people 
  22. Meet people, Be positive and Be blessed
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